How LexTech Verbatim Reporting Academy Works

Verbatim Reporting Academy

Our Verbatim Reporting Academy strives to rank among the best providers of high-quality training and certification of Verbatim Court Reporters and scopists, and providing ancillary services towards improving efficiency and speed in the administration of justice in Nigeria, Africa and the world.

Our Services:
  • Training and certification of verbatim court reporters and scopists
  • Setting up courts to utilize computer Aided Transcription (CAT) software for higher efficiency and speed in the administration of Justice.
  • We also provide remote deposition, court reporting and transcription services for clients.

Our Academy trains and certifies a large pool of verbatim reporters and scopists to serve both the Nigerian and African markets

an exciting story on integrity and professionalism in the field of verbatim reporting.

Remote Court Reporting

  • Our skilled verbatim reporters with advanced CAT system capture entire proceedings during depositions and court sessions. With a court reporter, the judge can pay more attention to demeanor during proceedings and manage the court without undue distraction and stress of writing in longhand.
  • Health challenges that could lead to surgeries arising from long hours of sitting and writing are eliminated for the judge.
  • Time spent in court proceedings is drastically reduced thereby fast-tracking adjudication and justice delivery.

Transcription Services

  • Verbatim reporting makes available accurate records of court proceedings from recorded audios. This assures the judge, lawyers and their clients of the accuracy of the records of the proceedings.
  • The audio synchronization of our CAT system guarantees the integrity and 100% accuracy of court transcripts, thus enhancing the speed and quality of justice.

A judiciary that is technology-driven, efficient, and speedily dispenses justice to the populace is more likely to create a friendly environment for economic growth.

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