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Over 140 million Nigerians lack access to justice.

This problem is further compounded by the manual methods applied in managing legal processes from the Law office to the Police station, to the Ministry of Justice, to the Courts, and to the Correctional Centre.

Our solutions include:
The Innovative Case Management System (iCASELOW) – an integrated Court automation system that enables e-Filing for lawyers, prosecutors and others.
Verbatim Reporting Services – aimed at ending the challenge of writing in long hand by Judges.
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Our Leaders



Mr. Albert, the founder, is a LegalTech expert and a lawyer with over 10 years of LegalTech skills and experience. He has consulted for the UNODC on Justice Sector ICT Reforms, leading international and local studies and projects on judicial ICT reforms. He possesses a Masters degree in Law and has undergone several executive training courses with certifications in ICT and business improvement locally and internationally. He is an experienced and dedicated Consultant who is a director in several businesses. He has proven expertise in guiding business operations, management, strategy, marketing, advertising, brand enhancement and profitability.


Executive Director

Mr. Ofondu, a cofounder, brings over 30 years business management experience to the team. He is a business Professional with over one decade of ICT industry experience, administering policies and procedures in a fast-moving technology space. He is proficient in implementing programs and changes that enhance company growth, and brings a track record of successfully managing skilled human talents and resources, and serving as a crucial pillar of support for diverse teams and employees. He holds an MBA in Management and has obtained certifications from Lagos Business School and other Training organizations within and outside Nigeria.


Executive Director

Mr. Adeniran, a cofounder, is a consultant with over one decade of experience in verbatim court reporting and training. He was an outstanding student of the famous British Verbatim Reporting Trainer, Ms. Mary Sorene. He displays proficiency in training teams in ways that enhance skills acquisition. He is a highly adaptable professional with a commitment to all aspects of student learning and the promotion of knowledge. He has demonstrated skills in behaviour management and experience in documenting student progress, with a passion for serving as an effective educator and helping students to achieve proficiency. He is a Lean Six Sigma green belt holder.


Executive Director

Ms. Sorene is the current Chairman of the Incorporated Phonographic Society (IPS) and Secretary, British Institute of Verbatim Reporters. She is also a member and officer in several national and international reporting associations. She is a certified instructor who has trained thousands of verbatim reporters globally. She has received lots of awards including an award of merit from the City of London Business News for Services to Training and the Betty Willett Award in 2021 for Outstanding Contribution to the Profession



Ms. Nwude was until recently the Managing Director of a leading Publishing Company in Nigeria, where she coordinated financial and budgetary operations to maximize investments, increase efficiency and determine a profitable growth path. The company experienced rapid growth due to her contract negotiation and bidding expertise leading to massive growth in revenue over many years. She is currently a director in several companies.



Mr. Emmanuel is a Senior Software Engineer with over 7 years’ experience as a full stack developer. He is also Team Lead at eeHubNigeria, a Social Enterprise he founded to train young teenagers in business and programming. He has held senior level management positions in technology companies since his early roles at Teviit Networks and Alien Technologies, where he worked with departments across the companies to develop new ideas, initiatives, products, and services.

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