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LexTech Ecosystems (LexTech) is a dynamic technology enterprise committed to catalyzing transformative changes across multiple sectors through innovative solutions. Founded with a primary focus on legal technology, we have since expanded our expertise to encompass a comprehensive suite of services, with a special emphasis on management consulting. Our mission remains unwavering: to introduce cutting-edge technology that addresses systemic challenges and enhances operational efficiency across diverse industries.

We provide a portfolio of comprehensive solutions laced with an admirably classy customer experience model that delivers Excellence!

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verbatim reporting

Lextech Verbatim Reporting Academy

Our vision is to end writing in long hand by Judges in Nigeria and Africa. The most strategic way to do this is to train and retrain thousands of verbatim reporters to provide the service remotely and in our Courts.

Our Judges are going through lots of health hazards as a result of the manual system of Court proceedings. Moreover, the quality of justice is also seriously compromised. Contact us today to enroll in any of the training sessions. Registration for fresh intakes has commenced for the 2024 session.

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