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Innovative Case Management System (iCMS)

Our Innovative Case Management System for the Court/Police/Ministry of Justice automates workflow processes for the stakeholders by eliminating bottlenecks that hamper speed, efficiency, accuracy and high productivity.


How LexTech Verbatim Reporting Academy Works

Verbatim Reporting

Our Verbatim Reporting Academy strives to rank among the best providers of high-quality training and upskilling of Verbatim Reporters, and providing ancillary services towards improving efficiency and speed in the administration of justice in Nigeria and Africa.


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Legal Search

Experience Legal Research at the speed of a click! Use Legalpedia for FAST and RELIABLE ANSWERS from the FINEST Editorial Team, to help you reduce TIME, COST and STRESS in your legal research.

Effective research is fundamental to achieving success in legal practice. It is one critical activity that can be quite monotonous and tedious especially if done manually – going through tons of resources just to find some vital information.


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e-Affidavit / e-Probate /
e-Lis Pendens

Our e-Affidavit solution helps the general public to create official affidavits of various kinds that will carry unique identification numbers easy validation. Now you can create your affidavit online within minutes using our pre-drafted, ready to use affidavit templates available on our portal, download the soft copy and print.

Our e-Probate solution handles probate businesses (where there is no dispute about the validity of a will or entitlement to take a grant)
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Our Find-a-Lawyer/Mediator is an easy-to-use solution for the general public to easily find help and gain access to lawyers who are specialists and mediators who are sector independent, free from conflict of interest and experienced in negotiating settlements for all types of disputes.


  • We will help you get the right mediator for your specific negotiation
  • Proper engagement of your mediator and get favourable outcome…